About Hughes Photo Design

Hughes Photo Design was started by Jennifer Hughes, an entertainment industry professional who was fed up with all the nickle and diming going on in the world of head shots. An accomplished photographer, she set out to simplify the process of producing fabulous head shots, especially for new actors who might not know what they are looking for.

Yes, the edgy “album cover” photo of you is great, but not for a head shot. The nice one in the sweater vest with florescent light is lovely for your mom, but not for a head shot. The one of you with your chest hanging out showing all you have to offer is great for your significant other, but well… not that great for your head shot. A great head shot shows you at your best, it’s your calling card. It’s the difference between getting called in for an audition, or not.

And at Hughes Photo Design we do it ALL for you. It’s not just about getting great photos, it’s also about saving you time and money. We do our own in-house retouching and formatting, adding borders, text, and agent logo. And we also format each photo for both uploading to casting sites and for print.  All included in the price of the shoot! That is a $60-$150 savings and a huge time saver for you, not having to drive all over town for the extra services.

The formatting and retouching service applies to all our photo services, whether you need PRODUCT SHOTS for your website or catalog, a PET PORTRAIT or a FAMILY PHOTO, whatever. You don’t just get the session, you get a finished photo, ready to upload and print, all for one great price.

Give us a call today, or send us an e-mail letting us know what you need.